bell-sama → maid-of-pizza

Hey guys... You all know? I am Bell ;3 Bell Walker, Bell Enggiryam? I don't know. So yeah, my tumblr had three urls; I don't remember my first URL, the second is something like "without-he" (I was a very strange depressed tumblr girl :P), and the third, bell-sama ;D so yeah, uhhh, but now, I am a homestucker + otome + BANA(k-popper :pp) + more idiot was I am haha. So now, the new URL is... Uhhh... The thing was have all of this? Maybe. But, it's not my end, Bell is here! Bell-sama is only asleep now... And yea! I love all of my followers, my tumblr friends <3 all of you guys. Okay dears? Only this. Please, don't hate me. I am the same Bell, only with a new url -god i'm going to die, please help me-

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